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During our shows and travels, we meet many fine people. We would like to share some information about their interests and some of their thoughts about our body care products. 
We've also included some Tips about the benefits of herbs on this page.

Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss any of our products and gifts. Let us know if you would like to exchange links or share your experiences.
LINKS / TIPS ABOUT HERBS (Continued from home page)
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Visit us on Facebook

NOTE:  Links are being updated

Discover how fairies earn their wings!  This is a fascinating book by Claudia Newcorn, "Crossover, Krisálys Chronicles of Féyree: Scroll 1"

For handmade Celtic bodices and more, visit Bodice Goddess

Find romantic period jewelry at Adornmynts

Read about some very delightful Renaissance street and stage musicians at Jingly Bits

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TIPS - Products:
To help stretch out the use of our moist BAR SOAP, lather it onto your skin then use a washcloth rather than applying the soap directly to a washcloth.
Keep the soap out of the main stream of the shower. The bar will last and last, and will retain its moisturizing and lathering qualities as well as its fragrance.

To use our SUGAR SCRUBS, just moisten your hands and dip out some of the Scrubs from the jar. Rub it on elbows, arms, feet, legs ...anywhere where you find rough skin. Rinse with running water or washcloth.
The botanical oils and sugar combination in our Scrubs will moisten while it exfoliates. You can control the amount of moistening oils you want left on on your skin by rinsing more or with less water.

Customers also find the Sugar Scrubs effective on face (just rub a little more gently).

The handmade Bolga Baskets that we use for our Gift Baskets can be reused for many things. If they happen to become misshaped, you can mist or moisten the basket and flex it by hand into the desired shape.

Soaking the basket in a tub of water for approximately thirty seconds works well if the basket has been flattened for travel.

This can be done as many times as necessary without damaging the basket.

We carry larger baskets at events  and also bring many other unique items. Also, we often introduce new fragrance varieties of our body care products at shows.

We hope to see you at an upcoming event..
                     - - -
Do you have a special tip about our products? Just email us and know what it is to see if we can share it.

Sweet Orange: Citrus sinensis
For joint and muscle pain, use 2-3 drops in a carrier oil and massage on affected area. To alleviate stress, use 8-10 drops in bath water.

Patchouli: Pogostemon cablin Patchouli has several therapeutic properties. It is good as an insect repellant, aphrodisiac, anti-inflammatory, antifungal and antibacterial. It provides harmony to the body and spirit. It's not just for hippies anymore!

Basil:  Ocimum basilicum
Great for headaches & migraines, 2-3 drops in a hot or cold compress.
For antiviral & antibacterial protection, use in a diffuser.

Cedarwood: Juniperus virginiana
Used to alleviate nervous tension and stress related disorders. Also used for healing and purification purposes. Effective insect repellant.

Sandalwood: Santalum album Sensual, musky scent. Used for anxiety, depression and insomnia.
8-10 drops in bath water. Good for cracked or dry skin. It is said to be aphrodisiac for men.

Lemon: Citrus limon
Lemon oil helps with colds and fever. It's scent helps with concentration. It is used to help frightened or depressed people. For joint pain, add 3 drops lemon oil to 1 oz. carrier oil and apply to affected area.

Clary Sage: Salvia sclarea
Intoxicating; calms and relaxes the mind. Good for depression, tension and insomnia. Use 1-2 drops behind the ears and nape of the neck for hot flashes.

Lemongrass: Cymbopopogon citratus
Many antifungal properties, use on atheletes foot. Good for excessive perspiration. Also good for low energy and tiredness.

Cinnamon: Cinnamomun zeylanicum
Relieves tension, steadies nerves and awakens the senses. Good for colds, flu, arthritis and other aches and pains. Aphrodisiac in small amounts.


Ginger: Zingiber officiinale
Best known as a digestive aid. Alleviates indigestion, nausea and travel sickness. Ginger warms up a slow metabolism and boosts the appetite. It is also good for fatigue.

Lavender: Lavendula angustifolia

Use lavender lotion a bed time for a relaxing nights sleep. Relieves stress & anxiety. Lavender is good for burns, insect bites & stings.


Peppermint: Mentha peperita

Excellent for hot & tired feet  & muscles.useful for headaches & back pain.

Use our Peppermint salts as a foot soak.


Tea Tree: Melaleuca alternafolia.

Great for the immune system.

Fights bacteria, fungus & viruses.

Good for many skin conditions.


Lime: Citrus aurantifolia

Good on oily skin. Promotes good circulation. Good for depression & exhaustion.


Bay Laurel: Laurus nobilis

Good for sprains and bruises.

Good for stiff muscles & arthritis.

Used in stockpots for cooking.


Anise: Pimpineilla anisium

Relieves garlic & onion odors from skin while cooking Good in a diffuser for colds, coughs & flu.

"I had the pleasure of purchasing one of your lovely bars of soap at the Sonora Celtic Faire in March of this year. I have have severe allergies to both scents and chemicals, but have found that your lovely soaps give me no problems whatsoever. I can't wait to order more.
   Its so nice to have a small scent to one's soap that isn't over powering. Though I have to admit my bathroom did smell like almonds at first, but I don't mind. Thank you for such a lovely product. The Oatmeal makes the soap so soothing, and the scent is just enough."

"My Mom and I met you two at the Seaside Games in Ventura.... Your soaps are AMAZING. I am so happy to have found you and your quality products.
   "I am the one who went nuts for Anise. That sweet bar of soap has the most wonderful fragrance...it has filled my entire bedroom! THANK YOU"
"I bought your soap sampler at the Renaissance Faire in San Luis Obispo. I have used the whole sampler and just wanted to say how great they all were.
   "I have very sensitive skin, and fragrance (usually) gives me rashes or break-outs, but your products are so gentle they don't bother me at all. They smell great and don't leave a residue on your skin. You feel so clean and pretty after using them. I will definitely be giving out your products for gifts.
   "Thanks and hope to see you at the fair next year!"
"If you love buying handmade natural products, look no further, these are for you!
   "My aunt and uncle’s line, called Sages Body Care, is FANTASTIC!
 "The richness of the lathering body care products (soaps, bath salts, lotions, and botanical sugar scrubs) leave your skin with a refreshed and smooth feeling
. Their line also has a variety of different fragrances.
  From my personal experience, I had tried so many prescription creams and countless visits to the dermatologist. Then my aunt recommended her unscented Oatmeal soap bar. I gave it a try and, BAM! It has really helped my skin! I started seeing the psoriasis disappear within a week.
I am so happy, I just can’t stop talking about it!
"I wanted to thank you for getting my husband's attention and getting him interested. He loved your cucumber melon lotion!  I bought the Lavender (for myself) ..."
"I met you two at the Calaveras Jousting Championships and bought 4 soaps, a lotion and a foot soak (scrub). THEY ARE ALL AMAZING. I love the scents that I picked out and the foot soak feels so good after my long runs...
"My husband and I bought a few different bath soaps from you in October at the Fiddletown Jamboree.
 "We live in a rural part of California, and have bought "genuine" vs glycerin homemade soap from various local people throughout our county. All good soaps. But, my oh my!  Your bath soap is absolutely the best we've ever bought. Even with our hard well water, the soap lathers up beautifully and softens the skin without that softening effect washing off.
  "So, I wanted to email you and thank you personally for making what I consider to be an A+ quality of homemade soap - one that holds true to all of it's commitments: it lathers well, keeps it's wonderful smell and lasts a long time."
 "Hello. It's David on his Soap Box... literally.  It's that time of year again when I roll out my barrel and stand up to support my favorite causes....
  "You ready? Its Soap! You can laugh all you want and, yes, it is really me saying this...but I have stopped buying soap from anyone else and have used Sages soap for years. Its all natural and smells great! I get the Rose Patchouli myself. And their Body Lotions are incredible!
  "You can find them at many renfaires and on their web site store.
  "In these days of mass consumerism it’s rare to find a two person Mom and Pop shop run by great folks, like Ernie and Sheila, who actually care!  Check them out and if you buy tell them David sent you. (and, NO, I don’t get anything for doing this. I just really like them)"

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